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108639 Вал первичный КПП УАЗ-451 в/сб.с/об. ОАО "УАЗ" 0.00руб
108640 Вал первичный КПП УАЗ-451 с резьбой с/об. 1 344.00руб
120387 Вал первичный КПП УАЗ-469 н/об.(г.Ульяновск) 1 311.12руб
122075 Вал промежуточный КПП УАЗ в сб.с блоком шестерен (5-ти ст.) "АДС 5 030.91руб
109370 Вал промежуточный КПП УАЗ-451 с/об. ОАО "УАЗ" 1 752.72руб
108950 Вал промежуточный КПП УАЗ-451 с/об.(4-ст) "АДС" 0.00руб
123391 Вал промежуточный КПП УАЗ-451 с/об.(4-ст) (г.Ульяновск) 1 022.58руб
110471 Вал промежуточный КПП УАЗ-469 в сб.с блоком шестерён н/обр.(4-ст 0.00руб
120392 Вал промежуточный КПП УАЗ-469 в сборе н/об. (г.Ульновск) 0.00руб
120391 Вал промежуточный КПП УАЗ-469 н/об. (г.Ульяновск) 0.00руб
110470 Вал промежуточный КПП УАЗ-469 н/об.(4-ст) "АДС" 0.00руб
130047 Вал промежуточный РК н/о УАЗ-3162 косозубый (г.Ульяновск) 0.00руб
109931 Вал раздаточной коробки УАЗ привода заднего моста 0.00руб
109932 Вал РК УАЗ привода переднего моста 0.00руб
130451 Вал рулевого управления УАЗ-3163 под ГУР PATRIOT Delfi 4 826.00руб
114002 Вал рулевого управления УАЗ-452 ОАО "УАЗ" 0.00руб
123069 Вал рулевого управления УАЗ-469 (г.Ульяновск) 0.00руб
123606 Вал сошки с подшипником УАЗ-469 в/сб. 0.00руб
111468 Валик крышки КПП УАЗ-452 н/обр. усиленный 99.00руб
10262 Вариатор 2410,31029,УАЗ "СОАТЭ" 154.40руб

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The New York Jets' quarterback competition is well into its third week, Matt Forte Jerseysand nothing much has changed: Josh McCown and Christian Hackenberg continued to get the majority of the practice reps, leaving scraps for Bryce Petty. McCown remains the favorite to start Week 1.

For the first time in a week, McCown tallied more reps than Hackenberg in a practice -- 37 to 28. This was another solid day for McCown (18-for-28), who engineered a 13-play drive -- a rarity in these parts.

Wow moment: McCown culminated the long drive by hitting Robby Anderson on a short post route in the back of the end zone. This was a fantastic day for Anderson, who scored two touchdowns and made a highlight-film catch. Nick Mangold JerseysHe has raised his level of play since the season-ending injury to Quincy Enunwa. They need two or three others wide receivers to do the same.

Whoa moment: On his final play, in a red zone period, McCown was intercepted by rookie safety Marcus Maye. It was McCown's fourth interception of training camp. I'll cut him some slack because it was a fourth-down, must-have situation, and he had to make the throw.

It was a frustrating start for Hackenberg, through no fault of his own. His first pass was dropped by Charone Peake. His second pass was a perfectly-lofted, deep sideline throw to Jalin Marshall. He, too, dropped the ball. Such is life when you're a Jets quarterback. Darrelle Revis JerseysHackenberg was 10-for-19, with a touchdown and an interception.

Wow moment: Hackenberg got into the end zone once, firing a short pass to tight end Chris Gragg in a red zone period. As Bill Parcells used to say, the quarterback's job is to get his team into the end zone. Hackenberg didn't do that in the preseason opener -- eight possessions, no points. Obviously, that will be goal No. 1 in the second game.

Whoa moment: He got a bit rattled on back-to-back plays late in practice, Eric Decker Jerseystaking a sack and throwing an interception (his fifth of camp). He was an intermediate-length throw that was picked off by cornerback Dexter McDougle.

Say this for Petty: He doesn't get a lot of chances, Leonard Williams Jerseysbut he always seems to do something memorable -- sometimes good, sometimes bad. He got only 13 reps, hitting seven of 11 passes, with a touchdown.